No trade partner mock

Everyone (myself included) have been making mocks with us trading back for big package deals. We have to face the possibility that we might not be able to find a trade partner.


Crowell- Already been leaked pretty much saves 2 mill.


Anderson- 2nd round tender

McClendon- Great depth and good leader 3 mill


Matt Paradis C- Our biggest name offensive signing. 12 mill per

Quinton Spain OG- I don't think Saffold makes it to FA, so we take sign Spain. He isn't going to light the world on fire but he is a decent OG who will still be a step up from what what had there last season. He'll compete with a rookie and Winters for the 2 starting spots. 6 mill per

Golden Tate WR- Seems like half of the teams in the league have Humphries mocked to themselves. He is a nice player but age isn't everything. Tate has been quietly having a really good career doing exactly what we need someone to do..... be open for Sam and be able to get him a few extra yards with his feet. People are talking like he fell off last year, but he was on pace for his 5th straight 90+ catch season before he was traded. We sign him with a 2 year out for 11 mill per.

TJ Yeldon RB- I think Yeldon is under rated. He is a really good receiver out of the back field, and looked better running the ball than Fournette last year. He can be had for cheap and is still young. 4 mill per

Trey Flowers EDGE- Good all around player, count me in. 14 mill per

Dante Fowler Jr EDGE- Not the guy that i would sign, but I think Macc likes him. Tried to make a run at trading for him. Like i said not my favorite, but it isn't all bad. He is still really young, not even 25 yet. Still time for him to put it all together. 8 mill per

Ronald Darby CB- Solid young CB, we need someone across from Tru who is at least reliable. 11 mill per

We have 35 mill in cap space left over after these signings.


#1 Cards Trade out for someone who wants Haskins, they have tons of needs

#2 SF takes Bosa

#3 Quinnen Williams DL- We are tempted to take Josh Allen but Quinnen is just to good to pass up. He is flat out the best player in this draft and with him and Leo playing the middle we could potentially have a brutal interior pass rush for years to come. Nothing bugs QB's like getting destroyed up the middle.

#68 Riley Ridley WR- We take advantage of a super deep WR class. Ridley doesn't seem to be getting the buzz that some other guys are getting at the moment, but he is just a flat out ball player. I think he ends up being just as good as his brother if not better.

#93 Elgton Jenkins OG/C- Guy has some potential and the added benefit of versatility. Can play C or OG. Even if he loses out on a starting gig this year that makes him a valuable back up

#105 Elijah Holyfield RB- Could end up being a nice well rounded back. Plus Georgia has had some good luck sending RB's to the pro's lately.

#141 Zach Gentry TE- Herndon looks like a nice young TE, but i have no faith in anyone we have behind him. This kid is 6'7 250, and has some movement skills. We take a shot at getting ourselves another guy that defenses have to match up with.

7th rounder..... meh not sure.

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