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Jets are carrying over $12.2 million in unused salary cap space to 2019

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Teams in the NFL are allowed to carry unspent cap space into the next season as per the terms of the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the players. The NFLPA has posted a nifty tweet to show us how much unused cap space each team is carrying over from 2018 to 2019. The Jets’ total is $12.2 million.

That is a nice chunk of change to carry over into the next season. It isn’t the biggest haul in the league, though. The Browns are carrying an ungodly $56.6 million over into next season.

Meanwhile the Colts will carry over $49.1 million. Building a team to make the final eight while leaving almost $50 million in reserve is some good cap management.

Having excess cap space isn’t the name of the game, though. You ideally want your cap space used by contracts for high end players. The four teams that played in the Conference Championship Games are all carrying over less than $4 million. The Rams have the lowest carryover in the league with just $466 thousand.