Mock Offseason: Part 2

Hello again Jets fans, and welcome back to my second mock offseason. I had a ton of fun doing this last year, and I'm bringing it to you again, whether you like it or not. This is my least favorite time of year, after football ends and before baseball starts, so again I've found myself allotting more time than I'd care to admit scouting players in this upcoming draft, and taking a look at potential free agents. Disclaimer before I start; I do not think this is what Macc is going to do, but it is what I would do if I ever got promoted from Armchair GM. So, here we go:

Projected Cap: $94,587,393.


Brian Winters: Frees up 6.5 million in cap space. Never a big fan of Winters. I've always viewed him as a liability on the line, and he's making entirely too much money for what he's worth.

Isaiah Crowell: Frees up 3 million in cap space. Aside from his one big game against Denver, Crowell has been a JAG his entire career.

Rashard Robinson: Frees up just over 2 million in cap space. I don't mind taking a flyer on a 5th round CB with character concerns, but not when we've traded that pick to another team for an already benched player.

Savings: $11,545,000

Cap post Cuts: $106,621,607


Jason Myers: 3 years, $6,000,000 ($2 million per year, $4 million guaranteed). Pay raise for Mr. Reliable.

Andre Roberts: 2 years, $5,000,000 ($2.5 million per year, $5 million guaranteed). Best returner we've had in a long time. Pay the man.

Etc: There's bound to be some free agents here that we need to resign, and I don't feel like diving into contracts for back up in house players. Allocating another $6.5 million for these signings.

Cap post Resignings: $ 95,621,607


Ja'Wuan James, RT Miami: 5 years, $65,000,000 ($13 million per year, $39 million guaranteed). In 2016 Lane Johnson signed a 5 year extension for $56 million with $35 million in guarantees. Due to inflation I give James a bit of an upgrade over that to make him the highest paid RT in the league. James has been a plus starter in Miami since he entered the league. While not elite, he's a great option and better than most. We give Sam some help and bolster the line in a big way with this signing.

Roger Saffold, OG Rams: 2 years, $17,000,000 ($8,500,000 per year, $12 million guaranteed). I believe the Rams plan on resigning Saffold, but for the sake of the Mock, he hits free agency. He'll be 31 by the time the new year starts, but given his play and the shelf life for offensive linemen, we should still see quality play out of him beyond the life of this deal. I'd love to include an option for a third year here for potentially $10 million, but for now we leave it as is.

Matt Paradis, C Denver: 4 years, $42,000,000 ($10,500,000 per year, $30 million guaranteed). We all want a new center, and while I would prefer Mitch Morse, I have another Chief hitting free agency. With Paradis we finally get steady play from the center position, and Sam no longer has to worry about errant snaps.

Ty Nsheke, T Washington: 2 years, $5,000,000 ($2,500,000 per year, $2,500,000 guaranteed). Backup offensive line help is a must. With Trent Williams missing a plethora of time over the last few years, Nsheke has filled in admirably year in and year out. A solid backup, I'm willing to pay him as such.

Grady Jarrett, DT Atlanta: 5 years, $80,000,000 ($16,000,000 per year, $50 million guaranteed). A top 5 player at the DT position, Jarrett is going to get paid this offseason. He's been a high quality starter since entering the league, and at 26, he's entering his prime. We've had band aids at the DT position for years, and we finally get a game changer in the middle of our Dline.

Dee Ford, EDGE Kansas City: 4 years, $68,000,000 ($17,000,000 per year, $40 million guaranteed). And here is said Chiefs player who hopefully hits the market. Jamal Adams, you get another dog on the defense from a player who is in the middle of his prime. Ford is the edge help we've been searching too long for. With a whopping 77 pressures including 13 sacks in 2018, he is no doubt a high quality player.

Eric Rowe, Cornerback New England: 2 years, $4,000,000 ($2,000,000 per year, $1 million guaranteed). A 2nd round pick out of Philly, Rowe was traded to the Dark side. He's big, lengthy corner, who plays well in man and cover 4. He's also seen some time at safety and I like the versatility he brings to the table. A solid backup option.

Cap Space, Post Free agency: $28,671,607


I'm not projecting any trades at this point. I think we will see a couple of QB needy teams look to jump into the top 3, but I'm not sure what the trade packages will include.

Round 1, Pick 3: Josh Allen, Edge/DE

We give our already upgraded front 7 even more teeth. With Ford and Allen crashing the pocket and Leo and Jarrett collapsing the middle, the sky is truly the limit here. In an offensive driven league, you have to find a way to counter the amount of points being scored in the NFL and pressure is the best way to do that. We all know the hype around Allen, his ability to pass rush is fierce, and he can drop back and play zone if need be. Enamored with this pick

Round 3, Pick 68: Bryce Love, RB Stanford

Last year Love would've been a surefire 1st round pick. Oh the difference a year makes. His talent is undeniable though. A speedster with the ability to turn any touch into a touchdown, we see him fall to us in the third. A terrible offensive line, coupled with a torn ACL are the reasons for the slide, but I have no issues taking him here as he's currently the third back on my big board. While his receiving numbers don't highlight a strength, I believe he's a lot better than they suggest.

Round 3, Pick 93: Michael Jordan, G/C Ohio State

Using a pick ahead of the fifth round on offensive line help? Crazy. But here we are. Jordan certainly has some work to do regarding his feet. He suffered from false starts because of this. Enter Frank Pollack. If there was ever a man who could get the most out of a lineman, it's Pollack. And pairing a talented, somewhat raw guard with a guy like him, makes for the best case scenario. A plus starter in the run game, Jordan has the capability to start at either center or guard for us, which is something i value out of interior lineman. Given his 6'6 frame however, he'll probably be a career guard which I have no issues with.

Round 4, Pick 98: Hakeem Butler, WR Iowa State

Thank you Superhuman for turning me onto this guy. I am a huge Hakeem Butler fan, and the only reason I think he could possibly fall to us here is because he suffered from drops at the senior bowl. But man can he make Deandre Hopkins level catches on a consistent basis. Honestly when I watch his tape I can't help but see a little of my favorite player in him: Terrell Owens. By no means, am I saying he is as talented as, in my opinion, the greatest receiver of all time, but I see some of the same RAC ability that Owens demonstrated. Man is this guy hard to take down, a trait that is also useful in Adam Gase's system. We give Samwise some much needed receiving talent here.

Round 5, Pick 129: Mark Gilbert, CB Duke

I still am shocked at how little love Gilbert is getting in the draft community. In a mock draft i posted this year, I had him slotted in the 5th round and I'm comfortable slotting him here again due to the lack of hype. A lengthy corner, who can play man or zone effectively, the only reason he isn't getting much attention is because he suffered a hip injury that sidelined him for all but 2 games this past year. However in 2017, he was electric; A first team, all ACC player with 6 interceptions and a Duke record 21 passes defended. He's a steal in the fifth.

Round 7: Anyone

Hard to project who's going to be available in the 7th. Some names to keep an eye on; Khail Hodge, Ului Lapuaho, Alize Mack, Keaton Sutherland.

Projected Starting Roster:

QB: Sam I am

RB: Bryce Love, Elijah Mcguire

WR: Robby, Q, Hakeem

TE: Chris Herndon

LT: Kelvin Beachum

G: Roger Saffold

C: Matt Paradis

G: Michael Jordan

T: Ja'wuan James

DT: Leo

DT: Grady Jarrett

DE/EDGE: Dee Ford

DE/EDGE: Josh Allen

MLB: Avery Williamson

MLB: Darron Lee

CB1: Trumaine

CB2: Gilbert

SCB: Parry Nickerson

FS: Maye-day

SS: Prez

So, there you go. Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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