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NY Jets Helmet Stickers: Week 13

NFL: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

All good things must come to an end, and when it comes to the Jets, it usually comes to an end quickly. After the Jets first 3-game winning streak since 2017, the Jets fell to the Bengals in an utterly embarrassing catastrophe of a game that will (and should) destroy all of the goodwill gleaned from the winning streak. I don’t really want to talk much about the game, so let’s just cut to the chase:

Bronze Star: Brian Poole (3 tackles)

Brian Poole has been an incredible free agency find this year, playing easily the best ball of any corner this year. He once again managed to blanket the receivers he covered, surrendering no catches while adding a few tackles as well. For just $3M, the Jets have received a level of play at least ten times greater than our near $15M dollar man. Hopefully Poole sticks around at a reasonable price for a long time.

Silver Star: Bless Austin (1 tackle, 1 PD)

Austin is really starting to look like a solid find, rising above long odds after two torn ACLs and years of rehabilitation. Between the development of Austin and the play of Brian Poole, the Jets have actually managed to find some good corner play as long as their top paid players stay off the field. Austin has been close to a star in practically every game he’s played this year, but he deservedly earns one this week. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

Gold Star: Steve McLendon (3 tackles, 1 sack)

McLendon has been the consummate professional since the Jets picked him up a few years ago, and he proved it again in a game against the Bengals in which the team completely imploded. He’s been okay to good in just about every snap he’s taken as a Jet, and in a game like this one, that means he was well ahead of his peers. He’s a solid space-eater and contributes a healthy handful of run stuffs, adding two more in this game. He also added a rare sack in this game, the only one the Jets achieved all game. Another quality performance from probably the most underrated Jet out there earns McLendon the top spot.

So there you have it, thirteen weeks in and the table stands:

Jamal Adams 16 points (4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)

Le’Veon Bell 10 points (2 gold, 2 silver)

Sam Darnold 7 points (2 gold, 1 bronze)

Ryan Griffin 6 points (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Brian Poole 5 points (2 silver, 1 bronze)

Folorunso Fatukasi 4 points (1 gold, 1 bronze)

C.J. Mosley 3 points (1 gold)

Steve McLendon 3 points (1 gold)

Jamison Crowder 3 points (1 silver, 1 bronze)

Bless Austin 2 points (1 silver)

Jordan Jenkins 2 points (1 silver)

Leonard Williams 2 points (1 silver)

Darryl Roberts 2 points (1 silver)

Kyle Phillips 2 points (1 silver)

Nathan Shepherd 1 point (1 bronze)

Tarell Basham 1 point (1 bronze)

Arthur Maulet 1 point (1 bronze)

Trenton Cannon 1 point (1 bronze)

Robby Anderson 1 point (1 bronze)