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Joe Douglas Press Conference Updates

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Jets general manager Joe Douglas is scheduled to address the media for his season ending press conference today.

This will be a unique affair since Douglas had very little to do with constructing the roster the Jets put on the field this season. Due to the timing of his hiring, the roster was already set when he took over.

This offseason will be his first as Jets general manager. Although he made a few moves, this will be his first opportunity to implement his vision to build the Jets.

I always try to offer a fair warning that these press conferences seldom have much substance. It wouldn’t make much sense for Douglas to give away his plan. He likely will speak in generalities. Occasionally the general manager offers us a philosophical nugget or two at these pressers so those will be worth listening to.

It is always worth listening to the GGN Twitter widget. It has been embedded below for you to follow the press conference.