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Jets hold 9th position in the 2020 NFL Draft after loss to the Bengals

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Jets would own the 9th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft if the season ended today according to Tankathon.

The loss to the Bengals did not improve the team’s standing by much as the Jets had the 10th spot last week. There still is a lot of fluidity in this race, though.

The Bengals still hold the top spot at 1-11 even after their win over the Jets. The Giants are second at 2-10. After that, the Jets are among nine team with either 3 or 4 wins so far in 2019. One game is all that separates Washington at number 3 with Denver at number 11.

The first tiebreaker is strength of schedule. The Jets are in a four way tie with Jacksonville, the Chargers, and Denver at 4-8. The Jaguars own the 8th pick as they have the weakest strength of schedule of the four teams. The Jets then come in at 9th followed by the Chargers at 10th and the Broncos at 11th.