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Jets podcast: How to deal with your Gase supporting beat writers during the holidays

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This time of year articles always pop up offering advice on how to deal with relatives you see during the holidays who disagree with your politics.

We aren’t here to discuss that today, but many of the Jets beat writers have taken it upon themselves to defend Adam Gase over the last few weeks and insist his job should be safe. Many of their arguments have been repeated over and over.

On today’s podcast I offer some responses to them. While I generally think a coaching change in year one would be premature, I do think this happens to be an exceptional case. I’m not sure I see what the Jets would gain by continuing with Gase. Even though some of the arguments have a degree of merit, these things ultimately fall short of proving the point that Gase should return for 2020 in my view.

Thanks as always for listening