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Jets Week 16 Game Ball: Marcus Maye

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Jets won on Sunday, which means we can put away the anti-game ball and bring out the game ball.

As always, we try to avoid giving the game ball to the quarterback or to repeat recipients whenever possible.

This week I am awarding my game ball to Marcus Maye. Maye made a pair of game-changing plays. He intercepted a Devlin Hodges pass in the end zone in the first half ranging far to his left. It was a really nice play to go get the ball. Then in the final minute of the game, Maye ripped the ball away from James Washington to break up what would have been a game-winning touchdown for Pittsburgh. That play turned out to be the difference between victory and defeat for the Jets.

Maye is frequently overshadowed by fellow safety Jamal Adams, but on this day he gets my game ball.

Who gets yours?