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Podcast: Jets upset Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Jets beat the Steelers yesterday 16-10 at MetLife Stadium.

On today’s podcast we discuss what happened. In my opinion this was a good win for the Jets. It was a very nice holiday gift. The Steelers are a solid team and had a lot to play for. The Jets were firmly in the role of spoiler.

It wasn’t the prettiest contest, but this was never going to be a pretty game. These teams sport bottom of the league offenses and excellent defenses. The winner would be the team whose defense stood taller. That turned out to be the Jets’ defense. Meanwhile the offense grinded out just enough in a generally unproductive day to get the Jets over the finish line.

We also talk about stars of the game for the Jets. As usual we will focus on the safety position, but our primary star isn’t the normal person.

Thanks for listening.