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Jets are tied for the lowest fan confidence rating in the league for Week 16

New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

It is time for our weekly FanPulse check in. FanPulse is a poll SB Nation sends out every week. Fans of NFL teams are asked about how confident they are in their favorite team and other general questions about the league.

Jets fan confidence has been low all season long. Last week it was at 7%. After the Thursday night loss to the Ravens, confidence fell to 4%.

The Chargers also have a 4% confidence score. These are the two lowest confidence ratings in the NFL. Every other team is at least at 8% this week.

Every fan was asked to weigh in about one of the most controversial topics pertaining to the NFL Playoffs. Division winners are guaranteed a home game. Frequently division winners host Wild Card teams with better records.

Do NFL fans think this should change? Fans are split almost down the middle. A slight majority favors the status quo, giving all division winners a home game.