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Jets Week 13 Anti-Game Ball: Tom Compton

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Jets lost on Sunday, which means it is time for the anti-game ball to return. The game ball had a triumphant three week run, but it has now given way to its less likable relative.

It was very difficult to figure out the recipient of the anti-game ball after this game because there were so many contenders for the award. This was the type of game that might have merited a special group anti-game ball. The entire offensive line, the entire offense, the entire team, or the coaching staff would have richly deserved an anti-game ball. But there have been so many group anti-game balls this year that I wanted to avoid it, even after a loss this bad.

With that in mind, I am going to go with Tom Compton. Compton had a pair of killer penalties in the second half and was responsible for multiple sacks. Anybody on the offensive line could have fairly received the distinction, but unlike most of his linemates Compton hasn’t been part of a group anti-game ball this season. After that performance, he deserves to be recognized.

Compton gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?