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NY Jets Helmet Stickers: Week 15

NFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not much to talk about with this one. The Jets did their best, but the Ravens are simply in a different league right now. No one has been able to keep pace with their offense and their defense is now coming into its own. The Jets aren’t talented enough to pull an upset, and the game played out more or less how you’d expect. That said, stickers must be awarded, and the picks are in:

Bronze Star: James Burgess Jr. (7 tackles, 1 PD)

You wouldn’t expect many defensive players to make the list when the defense gives up touchdown after touchdown, but there are hardly any standout performances in this one. Burgess has been punching above his weight class over the last few weeks, but this performance lands him on the list mostly due to a lack of competition. He tied for the lead in tackles (with the other leader being Darryl Roberts, who was victimized in coverage and earned the kind of tackles that are a bad sign for corners) and had a pass defense. That’s something.

Silver Star: Tarell Basham (4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 punt blocked)

Basham made a few mistakes that cost the Jets badly, but there isn’t a harder offense to defend than the Ravens and he made some real impact plays. His punt block resulted in a touchdown for the Jets and his sack slowed the Ravens juggernaut offense as much as any other defensive play all game. Far from a complete game, but there’s not much competition this week.

Gold Star: Jamison Crowder (6 catches for 90 yards, 2 TDs)

Crowder had one of the worst drops I’ve ever seen, but outside of that play, he carried the Jets offense. Apart from leading the Jets in catches and scrimmage yards in this game, he also accounted for both of the Jets offensive touchdowns, including a tough catch in traffic to redeem his earlier drop. It wasn’t an elite performance, but in a game in which the Jets were completely outclassed, he played to the level of the competition.

So there you have it, fifteen weeks in and the table stands:

Jamal Adams 16 points (4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)

Le’Veon Bell 10 points (2 gold, 2 silver)

Sam Darnold 7 points (2 gold, 1 bronze)

Jamison Crowder 6 points (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Ryan Griffin 6 points (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Brian Poole 5 points (2 silver, 1 bronze)

Folorunso Fatukasi 4 points (1 gold, 1 bronze)

Robby Anderson 4 points (1 gold, 1 bronze)

Jordan Jenkins 3 points (1 silver, 1 bronze)

C.J. Mosley 3 points (1 gold)

Steve McLendon 3 points (1 gold)

Tarell Basham 3 points (1 silver, 1 bronze)

Bless Austin 2 points (1 silver)

Nate Hairston 2 points (1 silver)

Leonard Williams 2 points (1 silver)

Darryl Roberts 2 points (1 silver)

Kyle Phillips 2 points (1 silver)

Nathan Shepherd 1 point (1 bronze)

Arthur Maulet 1 point (1 bronze)

Trenton Cannon 1 point (1 bronze)

James Burgess Jr. 1 point (1 bronze)