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Jets vs. Ravens: Five Bold Predictions

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

After a nail-biting win against the Dolphins, the Jets have a wonderful opportunity to embarrass themselves on national television in a game on a short week against the NFL’s hottest team. Honestly, I’ll be happy if the Jets lose by fewer than three scores, but if they can keep it to a loss below double digits, I’ll be proud. This is the state of the Jets, folks. Let’s go bold, I suppose...

Disclaimer: Bold Predictions are not realistic expectations for the game, but rather something that is unlikely to happen, yet possible. These predictions are both pro-Jets and stretch the boundaries of probability. Claiming that Sam Darnold throws a touchdown pass is not a Bold Prediction, nor is claiming that Sam Darnold throws 20 touchdown passes. These predictions must be within the bounds of possibility, but also highly improbable. As always, the final score prediction remains a realistic guess at the result of the game and does not relate to the Bold Predictions.

Here are my five bold predictions for today’s game:

  • The Jets win the turnover battle by at least 3.
  • No Ravens player tallies a full sack.
  • Four Jets go over 50 yards receiving.
  • The Jets score on their final drive of each half.
  • Sam Darnold throws for 3 touchdowns and rushes for another.

Final Score: Jets 17, Ravens 38

And a bonus prediction: Lamar Jackson leaves the game due to injury, but still finishes the game with the most rushing yards on either team.