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Bilal Powell’s (flu, ankle) status unclear for Ravens game, league night at Rockaway Lanes

NFL: DEC 08 Dolphins at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A number of Jets have been dealing with the flu or some other sickness this week. Bilal Powell is now part of that mix. Adam Gase said as much to the media on Tuesday. He also suggested the back is dealing with an ankle injury that could keep him out of Thursday’s game against Baltimore on its own.

On how serious Powell’s injury is...

Serious enough that if he didn’t have the flu he probably wouldn’t play.

On if Powell has the flu as well...

Yes, and the ankle.

No word on Powell’s availability to go bowling.

But Gase did shed some light on Brian Costello’s hard-hitting story about Le’Veon Bell going bowling.

On the report that Le’Veon Bell went bowling Saturday night and if Bell violated any team rules...

No, because we didn’t want him coming to the hotel or the locker room when he was still contagious.

On if he has any issues with Bell not staying home to rest Saturday night...

That wasn’t his fault that we said he was still contagious. That’s what the doctor told him. I’d rather him not be, I’d rather him be at home just getting better. But that will be a conversation we have. We have the late start today, so I’ll have a chance to talk with him.

Great work as always by the beat. As I said yesterday, I can’t believe my life has come to writing stories about a dude’s bowling night.