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Fans across the NFL feel the pain of Jets fans

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Each week SB Nation sends out a survey to NFL fans asking for opinions on their favorite team and issues across the league. It is called FanPulse.

This week Jets fans were featured. Respondents were asked which fanbase in the NFL most needs a hug right now. Jets fans got the most votes.

What do Jets fans think of the current state of affairs? Absolutely no Jets fan who answered the survey expressed confidence in the direction of the team this week. The team has a 0% confidence rating.

That’s what happens when the team is 1-7 and coming off a loss to the Dolphins. The Dolphins might be bad, but they essentially threw this year away to build for the future. The Jets spent a record amount in free agency and are a worse team. I don’t see how anybody could be confident in the team at this point in time.