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Jets mailbag: What is the best memory from games against the Giants?

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images for New York Jets

Today is our latest Thursday mailbag podcast show. Thanks to all of those who submitted questions. As I say each week, you can’t have a mailbag show without mailbag questions. (I’d love to see somebody try.) Once again, there was not enough time to answer all of the worthy questions submitted. If you would like yours answered, feel free to send it for next week’s mailbag.

Today we look at whether the Jets should explore drafting a new quarterback, whether Adam Gase might keep his job, what will happen to the franchise if Gase gets a second season, the best moment for the Jets in past games against the Giants, how long Sam Darnold will and should get to prove he is the quarterback of the future for the Jets, why Adam Gase reportedly did not want to sign Le’Veon Bell, and more.

Thanks as always for tuning in to the show.