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Jets Week 9 Anti-Game Ball: Adam Gase

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are painfully deficient in talent, and they have had horrible injury luck.

These things only explain so much of this team’s struggles. The Jets lost yesterday to a team with less talent. It wasn’t a last second loss either. The Dolphins were in control for over half the game.

At some point, the coaching needs to take a huge portion of the game. The Jets this season have regularly looked unprepared and overwhelmed. I believe the team is a reflection of its coach.

Even if you are more inclined to blame the lack of talent, what exactly is Adam Gase bringing to the table? How is he making this team better?

Thinking back to his hiring in January, I remember three rationalizations given for the Jets selecting him.

  • He has experience as a head coach so no on the job training will be necessary.
  • He knows the AFC East.
  • As a “quarterback whisperer” he will get the best out of Sam Darnold.

None of those have panned out. Gase has looked like a rookie coach who is in over his head, and the Jets are contenders for the top overall Draft pick on his watch. The team’s record in the division is now 0-4. And Darnold is regressing.

Even if you figure out a way to absolve Gase from responsibility for these things, you still haven’t figured out a way to show he’s improving the situation.

Combine these things with a humiliating loss, and I’m taking the unusual step of giving the head coach my anti-game ball this week.

Who gets yours?