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Fire Adam Gase: The Podcast Version

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Rock bottom has been elusive to find for the New York Jets. At many points it has felt like the team hit rock bottom only to go even lower. The Jets hit a new low on Sunday, losing to the Miami Dolphins, a team many believe is tanking the season.

It is difficult to imagine that anybody is still out there defending Adam Gase after that sorry display. I wrote yesterday that Gase needs to be fired immediately. Today I present my views on the head coach through the podcast medium.

Whenever the Jets have gone on a losing streak in recent years, people have compared the head coach to Rich Kotite. I heard it for Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, Eric Mangini, and Herman Edwards. Those comparisons were not good ones. Things were bad, but they weren’t at the Kotite depths.

Adam Gase is Rich Kotite II, and he needs to go immediately.

Thanks for listening to the podcast.