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Fire Adam Gase

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Most Jets fans knew at the time of his hiring that bringing in Adam Gase was a mistake. Through the first few games of the season, there were various calls for patience. Even if you disagreed with them, there was a degree of logic. I at least understood the viewpoints.

Today we reached a point where I just can’t see any logic in the arguments for Adam Gase’s continued employment. The Miami Dolphins are arguably the least talented team in modern NFL history. Adam Gase lost to them.

The Dolphins are less talented than the Jets. But I don’t have much doubt they are a better team right now. You see, a team’s quality isn’t only about talent. It is also about scheme, effort, cohesiveness, and coaching among other things.

The Jets fall short in almost all of these areas, especially coaching. Brian Flores is a much better coach than Adam Gase. If you don’t believe that after watching this game, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to convince you of anything.

Every minute the Jets continue to employ Adam Gase is just a waste of time. It is time that could and should be better spent finding a real leader for this franchise.

Under normal circumstances, wasting time would be troubling enough. But every minute the Jets keep Gase, they are also jeopardizing the future of their young quarterback. Adam Gase has no business being around a young, developing quarterback.

I am under no illusions that Gase’s dismissal alone will magically turn the Jets into a Super Bowl team. Gase is only one of many problems. The issues with this team are numerous and complex and will be difficult to fix. The Jets won’t be in a position to even begin addressing most of them until the offseason begins. It will be a long process.

But they are in a position to begin fixing one problem. Right now the team has the ability to take immediate steps towards professionalizing the leadership of the coaching staff. People demanded that Todd Bowles be fired in season last year, but I never saw what difference it would make. Would having Jeremy Bates or Kacy Rodgers run the team really make anything better?

That isn’t so this year. The Jets have Gregg Williams. Williams is experienced and has had success in the role of interim head coach. They also have an experienced offensive coordinator on the staff in running backs coach Jim Bob Cooter.

Firing Gase and Dowell Loggains is only a first step, but you can’t start on a task until you take that first step.

After this loss, there is little rationale for delay.