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Jets Week 12 Game Ball: The Defense

NFL: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets won their third straight game on Sunday. That means we give out a game ball for a third straight Monday.

Normally we single out one player in this space, but the game ball is nothing if not versatile. We can change the rules in exceptional case. Today we have one of those cases.

I am giving a collective game ball to the defense. The unit was thoroughly dominant in yesterday’s domination of the Raiders.

The offense was excellent as well, but I think the defense deserves special credit just based on the personnel they have. Jamal Adams is a star. Marcus Maye is excellent. Some of the defensive linemen on the team have solid track records.

The rest of the current Jets defense could be the cast of a football version of Major League. They are a bunch of late round picks, street free agents, and journeyman veterans. That group playing so effectively against an offense with some decent weapons is beyond impressive.

I have a tough time singling out one player so I give my game ball to the entire defense.

Who gets yours?