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Jets Helmet Stickers: Week 8

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are getting hard to watch, but at least the second half of the season is chock full of easy games. On the flip side, at 1-6, the Jets would likely have to run the table for this season to end after week 17, making future wins this season both meaningless and detrimental to the Jets 2020 draft position. At least this list should get easier.

Bronze Star: Folorunso Fatukasi (4 tackles)

Fatukasi hasn’t been an elite player by any stretch of the imagination this season, but he’s put together some solid games in which he’s been a plus contributor. Considering the limited number of low salary Jets that are contributing positively this year, Fatukasi has provided some real value.

Silver Star: Kyle Phillips (5 tackles, .5 sack)

Kyle Phillips has been one of the very few bright spots on the team this season. His stats on the season (23 tackles, .5 sack, 1 PD) aren’t incredible, but they also don’t completely show his impact or the effort he’s given this year as an undrafted rookie free agent. Honestly, he’s the rookie who has shown us the most so far this year, and as disappointing as that is for fans, the Jets should be excited about Phillips’ future based on what he’s been putting on tape this year.

Gold Star: Ryan Griffin (4 catches for 66 yards, 2TDs)

I never thought I’d be giving a gold star to Ryan Griffin, but here we are in 2019. While his blocking leaves a lot to be desired, Griffin has accounted for over half of the Jets receiving touchdowns through 7 games. That realization left me incredibly discouraged, but you can’t blame it on Griffin by any means and he does deserve recognition for somehow leading the Jets in yardage while scoring basically all of their points against the Jaguars. Gold star for you, Mr. Griffin.

So there you have it, eight weeks in and the table stands:

Le’Veon Bell 10 points (2 gold, 2 silver)

Jamal Adams 9 points (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Sam Darnold 3 points (1 gold)

Ryan Griffin 3 points (1 gold)

C.J. Mosley 3 points (1 gold)

Brian Poole 2 points (1 silver)

Leonard Williams 2 points (1 silver)

Darryl Roberts 2 points (1 silver)

Kyle Phillips 2 points (1 silver)

Folorunso Fatukasi 1 point (1 bronze)

Tarell Basham 1 point (1 bronze)

Jamison Crowder 1 point (1 bronze)

Arthur Maulet 1 point (1 bronze)

Trenton Cannon 1 point (1 bronze)

Robby Anderson 1 point (1 bronze)