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What was the most important play of the Jets’ victory in Washington?

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets registered a blowout win yesterday over the Redskins. What was the most important single play?

I don’t think there’s much doubt it came from a sequence in the second quarter. Leading 13-0, the Jets left Washington with a golden opportunity to get back into the game. Back to back turnovers left the Redskins starting a pair of drives inside the New York 30 yard line. These two drives produced 3 total points.

The sequence ended with Dustin Hopkins missing a 29 yard field goal to leave the Jets ahead 13-3.

I think in many ways, that ended the game. The Jets had left an opening for Washington on a silver platter to make it a game. Washington responded by doing nothing and making only one of two field goals. From there, the Jets took control of the game.

The Hopkins missed field goal was the final play of that sequence so it gets my vote for most important play.

What do you think was the most important play of the game?