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Jets Week 11 Game Ball: Ryan Griffin

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A second straight Jets victory means a second straight week where we hand out a game ball.

As always, we try to avoid giving the game ball to the quarterback and repeat winners whenever possible. If the team wins, the quarterback probably played well. It also stands to reason the best players on the team play on most weeks when the team wins.

Quarterback Sam Darnold and last week’s recipient Jamal Adams probably would be the top two contenders based on their excellent performances against Washington, but let’s look elsewhere.

I am going with Ryan Griffin. Griffin posted his first career 100 yard receiving game yesterday. Pro Football Focus’ fantasy projections gave him a 1% chance of going over the century mark against Washington.

Washington made his job easy, repeatedly busting coverages on him, but Griffin did his job. He ran the routes and caught the ball when thrown to him.

I can’t imagine he’ll get many more opportunities to get a game ball so I’ll give him mine this week.

Who gets yours?