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SNF: Bears vs Rams Game Thread

Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, Week 11. Tonight the Chicago Bears travel west to La La Land to take on the Los Angeles Rams.

Coming into the 2019 season this matchup might have been considered an NFC Championship game preview. Both teams were expected to be serious Super Bowl contenders. Things have not worked out as planned for either team.

The 4-5 Bears are coming into the game off a win against the Detroit Lions that broke a four game Bears losing streak. Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubiskey is struggling so badly he is bringing the whole team down with him. The Bears have not had more than 235 passing yards in a game all year, and have had five out of nine games with less than 200 yards passing. It’s tough to win in the NFL with such an anemic passing attack.

The 5-4 Rams also have a struggling young quarterback in Jared Goff, who has nine interceptions in nine games. The once rugged Rams defense looks average this year, and the once formidable running back Todd Gurley looks like he is on his last legs as a top NFL running back. It all adds up to disapppointment for the Rams, mediocrity where greatness was once expected.

It’s the Bears and the Rams in a matchup of two teams trying to stay relevant in the NFC playoff picture on Sunday Night Football.

Enjoy the game everybody.