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Jets podcast: Previewing the Washington game

NFL: Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets visit our nation’s capital this weekend for a game against the Redskins. The Jets find themselves in a string where they are competing against the bottom teams in the NFL. This is a six week stretch where they play Miami twice, the Giants, the Redskins, and the Bengals. Oakland next week is the only halfway decent opponent the team will play before a December game at Baltimore.

On today’s podcast I offer my thoughts on the upcoming game. Of this games remaining on the schedule, this is the one that looks like it should be a win. This team could end Sunday on its first winning streak in over a calendar year. Whether the Jets actually will get that win is an entirely different question. I provide you with my keys to making it happen.

Thank you as always for listening to the show during these trying times for the franchise.