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Christopher Johnson announces Adam Gase will return as Jets head coach in 2020

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson briefly addressed the media today and announced his embattled head coach Adam Gase will return for the 2020 season.

Don’t lose in the shuffle the part about Johnson telling the team last week that his mind was made up. It wasn’t even beating the Giants that led to this. Johnson apparently had his mind made up after his team lost to the winless Dolphins.

Gase’s Jets tenure has gotten off to a catastrophic start. The team is 2-7. The offense, which was supposed to be Gase’s specialty, is the worst in the league. Young franchise quarterback Sam Darnold has regressed.

Johnson is going out on a limb here declaring this before even seeing the final seven games. But in fairness to him...

Gase has a long track record of success as a head co...uhhh

Johnson has shown he knows how to build winning teams as Jets ow...uhh

Johnson has shown a pattern of very sound decision-making in his tenure as Jets ow...uhh

Yeah, I got nothing. Announcing this in the middle of the season makes no sense.

But it does provide some clarity. A few weeks back I wondered aloud how long the Jets would waste their time with Gase. Now we know the answer, at least through 2020.