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Chris Herndon’s playing time limited by injury and Jets playing time notes

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Edit: Herndon apparently suffered a rib injury. Disregard all of the comments below

Chris Herndon made his season debut for the Jets on Sunday. Herndon missed the first four games of the year because of a suspension and the next four due to a hamstring injury.

Herndon was not much of a presence in the lineup, however. He played only 18 snaps. We can give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt and assume they were easing Herndon back into the lineup. But this trend should change going forward. A couple of recent Ryan Griffin touchdowns notwithstanding, he is a vastly superior choice.

Here are the full offensive snap totals for the Jets in yesterday’s win against the Giants.

Here is the playing time on the defensive side.

What jumps out to me? Nathan Shepherd only played 26 snaps. It makes the number of impact plays from him look even more impressive in context.

What jumps out to you about the playing time numbers?