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What was the most important play of the Jets’ win over the Giants?

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Recently the Jets have been beaten so soundly that the weekly most important play article has gone into semi-retirement. You can’t pick out one singular play as particularly important in most Jets games this season.

With the team registering a victory yesterday, the most important play article can return?

The criteria for the most important play of the game can vary. Sometimes there is a decisive moment late in the game. Sometimes it is the play where the winning team takes the lead for good. Other times it is a play that changes the momentum.

Sunday’s game could lead us in a number of directions, but I thought the nine play field goal drive the Jets put together late in the third quarter was very important. The Jets had fallen behind 27-21. The offense had stalled. After scoring touchdowns on the first two drives, the only points the Jets had put up came from Jamal Adams’ stolen ball touchdown.

It felt like the game was slipping away from the Jets. Then the team put together that drive to get points. Even though the Giants still led 27-24, the Jets at least showed they could move the ball, and that might have sparked them a bit as added a pair of fourth quarter scoring drives to win the game.

The biggest play of the field goal drive in question was a 24 yard Sam Darnold scramble on third and 7. It got the Jets into field goal range. Without that play, the Jets would have punted the ball. The offense still would have been in a slump. Who knows whether they would have gotten anything going in the fourth?

The Darnold scramble is my choice.

What is yours?