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Podcast: Jets beat Giants

NFL: New York Giants at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets got their second win of 2019 yesterday. They emerged victorious in a game against the Giants. The final score was 34-27 in a battle of New York football futility.

It has been a long few weeks for the Jets. They have suffered ugly loss after ugly loss. Last week’s was the worst of all as they became the first team to lose to the Dolphins in 2019. (The Colts became the second yesterday.) This win likely won’t salvage the season, but at least for one week criticism will be directed at the other professional football team that calls MetLife Stadium home. It might not be all that meaningful in 2019, but the Jets claimed the title of best NFL team in New York.

On today’s podcast I offer my thoughts on the win for the Jets, looking at some of the key players and plays that delivered the victory.