Mazel, Good Things

Even though it was the Giants, it's still good to see a win. Before getting too high for a win, or too low for a loss, lets celebrate the small achievements. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, these are five things that I'm grateful to see as a Jets fan.

  1. Bless Austin came in for Nate Hairston and didn't get injured. All jokes aside, this was a good game to start to segway him in for the rest of the season and see what the Jets have. On a side note, what happened to Jeremy Clark who was a 2nd round talent before he got injured at Michigan? I know he's hurt, but I'm thinking of Austin and Clark next season pushing for time in the secondary.
  2. Steve McLendon has done his job, and his time in the sun is ending. I think the Jets have a good interior line rotation next year consisting of Nathan Shepheard, Foli Fatukasi, and Quinnen Williams. Foli has been getting great push, and Shepheard has as well today in his first game back. I'm optimistic that 34 year old Steve can ride off into the sunset, and these three guys can rotate the interior line for years to come.
  3. Bilal Powell is a much quicker and more deliberate back than anyone on the roster. I'm glad his neck is healed, and seeing him run is more entertaining to me than any back I've seen on the Jets in 20 years. He has burst and picks his lane instantly. I know this is because he's fresh from not having played alot, and he's just about done in his career. If this is the last season I see him, I'm glad to see him running the way he did today.
  4. Jamal Adams didn't get traded. I'm glad to think that the team will try to retain their talented players, and build up from there rather than some other building project that won't make sense. If Jamal Adams can play at this level for the next decade, I'd be happy to see him retire as a Jet.
  5. Sam Darnold is the man. I know the dude only throws one or two TD's a game, but he can get in and out of traffic when he has more than a second of time in the pocket and find receivers while he's moving. To my recollection the only quarterbacks that are better than Darnold throwing on the run right now would be Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and maybe Pat Mahomes. Darnold can make his bread and butter on these types of busted plays and keeping drives alive. The Jets should surround him with guys that can find soft spots in zones when plays break down like Crowder, and I think he'll be a pro bowl QB in his third year.
One extra for you. Defensive ends Jordan Willis, Tarrell Basham, and Kyle Phillips are active! If they are not getting tackles, they are doing a great job batting the ball down at the line of scrimmage. Remember that Willis and Basham were 2nd and 3rd round picks within the last 2 seasons. They just might be hitting their stride, and all the Jets need to do is lock them up to contract extensions and watch them blossom.

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