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Podcast: Jets vs. Dolphins Preview

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2019 NFL season there might not be a worse game than the one we will see on Sunday. There are a striking number of contenders. The Jets and the Dolphins will have a second game this season at MetLife Stadium. Miami already had a game against Washington. The Jets will have one in a few weeks. The Jets also have a date with the Bengals. Still, this is a very unattractive game.

But we still preview it. On today’s podcast we prepare for the matchup in Miami on Sunday between the Jets and the Dolphins. I am not sure a Jets win should make anybody feel much better about the state of the franchise, but still we look at some of the keys for a New York victory. At the very least, the Jets can avoid a humiliating defeat.

Thanks to everybody who listens to the podcast during these trying times.