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Jets podcast: Adjustments for Week 6

NFL: OCT 06 Jets at Eagles

Things look bad for the Jets right now. The team is 0-4. Snapping an eight year postseason drought seems like a longshot. But there are still three quarters of the season left to go. Even if a successful 2019 is now a longshot, the team still has twelve games it has to try and win.

On today’s show I offer a few ideas on adjustments the Jets can make heading into their Week 6 game against Dallas. I am not suggesting any of these changes will turn defeat into victory. We are past the point where any single move can save this season. These are merely observations on how things can be made a little bit better based on what I have seen so far. Some pertain to the team’s preparation. Others deal with playing time. Others deal with playcalling.

Thanks as always for tuning in to the show. Your support is appreciated in these difficult times.