The Case Against Gase

The argument for firing Gase is very simple. Now, I don't expect him to be fired any time soon. But this is just an argument for why he should be fired.

A. Gase Gets Too Much Credit For Denver

Someone could do a long, in depth analysis of Gase's time in Denver, but it boils down to three things:

1. Gase did not install the Broncos offense. Mike McCoy did. Gase simply kept it intact after McCoy left.

2. Gase had minimal playcalling abilities because Manning -- who already had extensive authority to call plays under McCoy -- was given even more control with Gase as OC. Here is how <b>Gase himself</b> described it:

<blockquote>"It’s the best situation possible for a guy calling plays. If you call something and it’s not good, he fixes it and puts you in a better play. That’s what he does that’s so great that I don’t think people admire enough. That’s why you don’t see a lot of bad plays with him."</blockquote>

Too bad we don't have Peyton Manning here to audible every time Gase calls a dumb play.

3. Manning is one of the top 3-5 QBs to ever play the game.

IOW, the Broncos mostly excelled despite Gase, not because of him. Or, maybe more fairly, the few things that Gase does well were all that were needed for a Broncos offense that was already firing on all cylinders when Gase took over as OC.

B. Gase Does Not Get Enough Blame for Miami

Gase's tenure was mostly mediocre, and there is a strong argument that he just got lucky. His record against NE and his so-called ability to win close games were two metrics that I had no confidence that Gase could replicate in NY.

But aside from his failure to develop Tannehill, his failure to get along with many quality veterans, and his overall failure to win games, Gase does not get enough blame for his failure to build the Miami roster.

Remember when the Bucs beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl? And it was hard not to give Gruden credit? Because if you wanted to take away credit to Gruden since he took over a talented Bucs team then you had to give that credit back because Gruden was largely responsible for building the Raiders team.

Gase is like the mirror image of that. Even if you want to excuse Gase somewhat for the lack of talent on the Jets, you then have to look over at the Miami Dolphins and give Gase a share of the blame for that team. Gase literally has his fingerprints all over two of the worst and least talented teams in the NFL. However you want to allocate the blame, Gase has to share in it somewhat.

C. Gase Hasn't Learned From His Mentors

1. The Importance of Pass Protection. When I think of what made Peyton Manning great, I think a great deal has to go to his priority to always give himself adequate pass protection to make a play. Manning's numbers, like most QBs, suffered when he was under pressure. So, at the line, he always made sure that he had good pass pro. He figured that if he had the protection set first then he could extend a play and make something happen.

Gase seems to have learned none of that from Manning. I know that the Jets OL has been putrid. But play after play, we have seen OL, RBs, and TEs expected to pick up blocks where you would know they were overmatched before the snap.

For guys like Siemian and Falk, who lack good pocket awareness, it was always going to be more important to give them more time to make a play than to give them an extra target downfield. So don't just call in a RB to block, line up an extra OT and make sure that the QB has time to make a play.

2. Customize Offense. The other thing that Gase hasn't done well is tailor his offense to his QB, and to the other skill positions. Gase was present in Denver when Fox and McCoy adjusted their offense on the fly to help get the most out of Tim Tebow. Then the next year, McCoy revamped the offense to get the most out of Manning.

But Gase has never done that. He made adjustments in Miami, but I don't believe that he ever got the most from Tannehill. And now we see him failing to use the bye week to make a game plan that Falk can run, or to get Powell and Montgomery involved in any significant way.

Gase has not learned two of the most important lessons that he could have learned from Manning and McCoy. I have no reason to believe that he will learn any time soon.

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