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Jets Week 5 Anti-Game Ball: The Offense

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost again on Sunday, which makes it our sad duty to award another anti-game ball.

After such a thorough drubbing, I think this requires another special anti-game ball. Usually it is given to one player, but this was such a systematic failure that an entire unit deserves it.

After two weeks to prepare, the offense showed few if any signs of improvement over the ugly performance turned in two weeks ago against the Patriots.

The Jets were held to 128 total yards and 2.3 yards per play while registering only 9 first downs. Their only points came because a muffed punt gave them the ball at the 19 yard line.

Who is most to blame? Is it an offensive line that allowed 10 sacks? How about a young quarterback Luke Falk who showed no ability to make plays and whose lack of pocket presence contributed to the protection issues? But then there’s the coaching staff. Falk wasn’t prepared by the coaches to start during the week. There also wasn’t much success to manufacture offense by play design.

The choice was just too difficult to make so I am giving my anti-game ball to all players and coaches on the offense. Maybe you’ll argue I’m lumping in some skill players who don’t belong, but they are in the minority. Almost everybody needs to take ownership of such an awful performance.