You mad bro! 10 Reasons I'm Optimistic for a Culture Change!

  1. Tomorrow starts the NBA preseason. If you can handle the next 12 beat downs of the Jets, temper it with the hope-springs-eternal vibes of the NY Knicks and RJBarrett.
  2. If the Jets had won early this season, or been at least competitive, it would have sealed Adam Gase's return for season two. However, because of the lack of competitiveness of the offense, and Gase is solely running the offense, it becomes increasingly clear that he stinks as a coach, and the likelihood that he'll be out next year. I like a new coach leading this team, and I think it will happen the more he shows us who he is.
  3. The 2018 Cleveland Browns. The Browns fired Hugh Jackson with a 2-5-1 record, and turned the reigns over to Freddy Kitchens. I'm hoping that since a precedent has been set, maybe this will make the ownership/GM more ready to pull the trigger when the jets hit 1-7, or 0-8. I'd much rather see Greg Williams as head coach for 8 games, and a new offensive coordinator, than see Adam Gase's face after every press conference. If there wasn't a face you wanted to punch more in life from just looking at it...
  4. Mike McCarthy. Every time the Jets lose, I think Mike McCarthy and his career 62% winning record (125-77)over 10+ years wanted the job. He openly said he only wanted the Jets job. The ownership turned him down for Adam Gase and his 47% winning record with the Dolphins? Maybe McCarthy a year removed from coaching will be revitalized. And maybe he'll spurn the Jets the way that they spurned him? Who knows. Either way, never hire a coach with a losing record over a coach with a winning record. Ownership 101 Johnson's!
  5. Value of the offensive line. I can't blame this on current GM, but the offensive line is not very good. Not just from a stats standpoint, but from watching them game in and game out. Ryan Kalil is inferior at this point to Jonathan Harrison. Harrison can't help the o-line out because Kalil is on an 8 million salary this season. Maybe realism will win out over pride, and Kalil can be an 8 million a year backup? There are worse things this season. There's always 2020 to try to get better at center!
  6. Damaryious Thomas. I mean this with no sarcasm, but I really like this wide receiver. He will eat up the soft underneath yards and fit with Chris Herndon nicely as possession type guys for the next 2 seasons easily. Of all the moves made, I think he's probably going to be the most solid off-season pickup by season's end. Looking forward to chemistry between Darnold and Thomas grow for the last 12 games of the season. Also hoping he'll be back as veteran leadership at WR in 2020!
  7. Luke Falk. I was a Luke Falk supporter before last seasons draft, because I liked his short range accuracy and quick/compact release. My draft board was Mayfield, Darnold, Rudolph, and Falk as a mid/late rounder (no other QBs). After seeing him hold the ball and get dumped 10 times (a lot were on him), I'm really happy the Jets drafted Darnold who can really do things in and around the pocket to make plays with his legs.
  8. Running backs. On a team that kept 4 running backs on it's final active roster one guy has 56 attempts rushing (guess who), one guy has 7 attempts, and the other two have zero. That's not including today's game so you have to throw in Bilal Powell's one carry. I'm not a genius, but I really think there is some room to make some roster changes next year, and who dresses on game days this year. I'd personally drop Ty Montgomery from active duty for Bilal Powell. Powell is actually effective as a running back.
  9. Leonard Williams. I'm happy with Williams play this year. He's a solid run defender, and an average pass rusher. There's nothing wrong with that in my opinion from a 300 pound guy with a 5 second 40 time. Where this is good news, is that I think he's set the market for himself, and the market is not a top 10 or even 15 defensive end. This will make him cheaper/easier to re-sign which the Jets should do, and the statistics back up where his annual pay should fall. My estimation is he is the very bottom of the top 1/3 DE in terms of pay at his position. Thanks for playing yourself into a manageable contract buddy!
  10. Last but not least, edge rusher. Part of edge rusher goes with identity. The Jets have multiple variations of the SAME guy at DE/OLB. He is roughly 6'3 260ish pounds and runs roughly a 4.75. I'm not a big combine 40 time player, but this one is a direct apples to apples comparison. Edge rushers need to have a great first step, so their 10 yard split, and/or 40 time needs to be really good. This translates on the field when they are trying to get the edge, win on the first 3 steps, and crank down on the QB while collapsing the pocket rather than getting run wide, or jacked up and stalled in a pass rush. The Jets have no one with the speed to get a quick first step as a go-to initial move. End result is opposing tackles don't have to worry about speed when they kick slide, and the only thing offenses have to prepare for is pressure up the middle or manufactured pressure from defensive backs which the coverage pays for. As good as Quinnen Williams might be, Josh Allen consistently putting pressure from the edge would have been more beneficial for the Jets. I know hindsight is 20/20, but i thought this since before the draft, and I'm saying it after the draft. Next year, before you get an offensive lineman, or wide receiver, or cornerback, get a legitimate edge threat 3 down player. Brandon Copeland and Jordan Jenkins won't cut it in 2020! I think maybe the Jets are understanding this now.

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