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Final Score: Eagles 31 Jets 6

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 0-4 today with another embarrassing loss. The Eagles beat them 31-6 in Philadelphia.

It was yet another lifeless performance on offense. The only points of the game were scored because the Eagles gave the Jets a short field, muffing a punt deep in their own territory. the Jets managed only 9 first downs and averaged 2.3 yards per play. They surrendered 10 sacks, and allowed Philadelphia’s defense to score two touchdowns.

The issues are all of the above. It’s a decimated quarterback room. It’s injuries to key players. It’s years of neglect on the offensive line. It’s terrible coaching. Nobody should get a free pass.

This team is beyond terrible right now, and it’s a huge mark against everybody to perform like this coming out of the bye.

I will be back later with more thoughts.

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