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Jets fans remain unconfident about the team

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NFL: SEP 22 Jets at Patriots Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is time for our weekly check in on Jets fan confidence.

Each week SB Nation asks NFL fans to participate in a poll asking how they feel about their favorite team. It is called FanPulse.

Since Week 1, Jets fans have given their team a low confidence score. The bye week did not cheer anybody up. This week, 12% of Jets fans said they are confident about the team’s direction.

The numbers aren’t budging. Last week’s confidence score was 13%. The week before it was 15%. The week before it was 19%. It was 80% before the season started.

I would guess the 10% or so of fans who remain confident are awaiting Sam Darnold’s return.

It should come as no surprise that fans of this week’s opponent are feeling better about their team. 82% of Eagles fans are confident in their team’s direction. Their road win at Green Bay last week worked wonders. Only 38% of Eagles fans were confident in the team’s direction prior to the game.

To have your voice heard in these surveys, you can click here to sign up for FanPulse.