Fire Sale?

Okay, Joe Douglas pulled the plug on Leo yesterday and sent him across the stadium to the Giants. There have been those in favor of the trade because it has been a while he has played like the Pro-Bowl caliber that he once did. Arguments can be made on both sides on whether it was a good trade or not. Sacks, pressure, etc. can or cannot support the trade. Actually, I'm not disappointed in the trade. Maybe it is time for a change. Although, I do wish Leo well with the new team.

Now, this morning Bell is on the block. Why? Does the GM want to clear house and place his mark on the team and get rid of Mac's deals? Maybe I'm over reacting, but why not Adams, Maye, Mosley, Williamson, and Anderson? While he's at it Darnold too! Those were Mac's deals! Go for a clean slate and start off fresh. NOT! Hey, how about overhauling the Offensive Line? Now, that needs a lot of work. Might need a power nap to consider that dilemma.

I don't think shipping off Bell is going to be a very productive trade. Okay, so he hasn't put up the numbers like he did in Pittsburgh yet. How about getting him the support he needs to work his magic? The man held out in Pittsburgh because he felt he was not appreciated. If slapping the franchise tag more than once is not respectful, then I agree with his moves. He wanted to come to New York! He wants to contribute! He wants to be here! So, KEEP HIM! Upgrade a poorly offensive line to help him.

I can see Adams frustration in his interviews every week from the same stupid questions. What is wrong with the team? How can you guys change this? What is the atmosphere in the locker room? Should the HC be on medication???? Etc.!

How much roster overhaul will it take before Adams ASKS to be traded because the organization is in shambles? There needs to be some stability. Okay, overall the Williams trade might actually be a good thing for the Jets. Trading Bell is going off the deep end. The man has not been here long enough to be given up on. Unless I'm missing the point, trading Bell will not work out for the Jets. Trading for draft picks. Gotta get those draft picks! Blah!

I have commented before that draft picks are a crap shoot. Just because a college player is an absolute stud does not guarantee he will be awesome in the NFL. Sheesh, Peyton Manning was NOT the first quarterback selected in the draft. Ryan Leaf was selected over him by the Chargers. What happened to Ryan? He has a criminal record for being in and out of prison. Currently on probation in Montana. Great career dude! As for the other guy? Well, unless you did not follow football for the past couple of decades, he did alright for himself. I would like to think Mayfield over Darnold will have the same results. Of course, I don't wish a criminal record on anybody.

I fully understand that the Jets need help. A lot of help. However, getting rid of talented players to save the season or rebuild (continuously) next season has to draw a line somewhere. Honestly, I don't blame the players entirely, but perhaps the coaching staff for not utilizing the best of their players. If there are those under producing, then by all means send them packing. Of course, we may not be privy to what is truly going on behind closed doors, but this does not make sense at the moment.

I do want the Jets to become a respectable team and not the subject of jokes and ridicule. I have been a loyal fan for 51 years and have seen some strange things and dismal seasons. Something has to give.

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