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Jets release Kelechi Oseleme after he has surgery

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The ugly standoff between the Jets and Kelechi Osemele went up several levels over the weekend.

Osemele had shoulder surgery on Friday against the team’s wishes.

Osemele and the NFLPA are now considering taking action against the team doctors with the state.

The Jets responded to all of this by releasing Osemele.

This is not the end of the story, however. A legal process will play out as Osemele appeals fines the team has levied on him for missing practice and seeks to get the rest of the money owed to him.

The facts will come out during the legal proceedings.

The optics of this are not good for the Jets. A number of things are clear right now.

  • Osemele has a serious injury.
  • He cannot play effectively.
  • The Jets were not going to continue starting him.

It’s very difficult to understand why the Jets have dragged this battle out and allowed it to become so public.

There’s no good that can come from the way the team handled this matter.