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NFL fans are fed up with officiating

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for our weekly look at FanPulse. Each week SB Nation surveys fans of the Jets and all NFL teams about the pressing issues of the day.

This week our league-wide question dealt with NFL officiating. Week after week, calls are blown egregiously. After the recent Packers-Lions debacle, we might have reached a crisis point.

We asked fans of all 32 teams whether they think games are officiated fairly. The result was overwhelmingly no.

Everybody has a gripe when a call goes against their team, but I think it is fair to say this isn’t about homerism. The issues are league-wide.

In our weekly Jets fan confidence survey, 42% expressed confidence in the team’s direction, down only slightly from a week ago. This week’s sample isn’t great because FanPulse polls open during the day on Monday and close midday Tuesday. In other words, some votes were cast before Monday night’s debacle and some were cast after, which likely doesn’t give us a great gauge for how fans really feel about things. Such are the perils of playing on Monday Night Football. Your FanPulse is incomplete.