First Chance To See Who JD Is

Anyone who says that they can in any way evaluate Joe Douglas right now is either a family member of his, or is far better at reading into very small moves than I am. Joe has really only made a handful of moves of any consequence.

He signed Ryan Kalil which hasn't worked out in any way shape or form, but I think it would be 100% using the benefit of hindsight to say there were no merits to the move. I think he would fully admit he was grasping at straws, but that was the only thing for him to grasp for that late in the process. Kalil had played serviceable football the previous year and was a vet who had a very good reputation. It seemed like the best possible shot we had to fix a huge area of need that was ignored by his predecessor.

His other 2 moves that spring to mind were low level moves that have worked out fairly well. Those being trading for Hairston and Lewis. This is an incredibly small sample size but it is a good start to showing an ability no GM here has showed in a while, which is to be able to get bottom of the roster guys for cheap that can give you quality play if called upon.... that is literally the entire New England Patriots M.O.

We have, however, reached a point where we can see what kind of GM JD might be, especially in comparison to our previous train wreck GM's. One thing this organization has been terrible at for at least a decade is showing any ability to self scout or have any semblance of direction or plan. We have been mired in the swamp caught between a team thinking it is a playoff contender and a team in rebuild mode. We have never really taken one path or the other. Spoiler alert.... we have been a team that should be in full rebuild mode ever since around 2012. For one reason or another we have chosen not to ever commit to the rebuild. That is evident by out constant lack of extra draft picks, and our scatter shot free agent spending.

Thus this is the time for JD to step up. He has a 6 year deal, which gives him more job security than any GM we have had since Tanny. The trade deadline is approaching. We are 100% not a playoff contender. Is he going to string this along and try to scrape together some meaningless wins to the detriment of our future? Or is he going to embrace the suck this year and try to set us up to have at least some assets to rebuild this team.

What does that entail? Well the main thing that would show me his mettle would be choosing to trade our few assets that could gain us any possible draft capital. The 2 players that come to mind are Robby and Leo... though truly no one is safe in my opinion. Both Robby and Leo are free agents next year, and we really don't have the cap space to justify signing either in my opinion. We have so few players under contract next year, and so little money that we really need as many cheap players on rookie deals that we can muster. In my opinion, you get what you can our of the few desirable assets we have and try to load up on picks in what is shaping up to be a talented draft class.

Will JD make moves for the future? Or will he gift us with a few meaningless December wins? Time to find out.

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