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Jets Week 7 Anti-Game Ball: Sam Darnold

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost this week, which makes us return to our sad custom of giving out an anti-game ball.

The loss to New England was a thorough domination, making it tempting for me to simply give a special, collective anti-game ball to everybody. I have already done that at multiple points this season, however, so it seemed best to just pick a player.

When giving out the game ball or anti-game ball, I try to avoid the quarterback whenever possible. It just seems too obvious. Whether the team wins or loses likely coincides with how the quarterback play.

In Week 6, Sam Darnold’s performance stood out as so exceptional that I gave him my game ball.

This week his performance was so poor that I feel obligated to give him my anti-game ball. The numbers were beyond dismal. He only completed 34% of his passes, averaged 2.6 yards per attempt, registered a passer rating of 3.6, and turned the ball over 5 times. These weren’t just turnovers. He was pretty much putting the ball on a silver platter for the defense.

Part of me doesn’t want to do this. I think people are vastly overstating the long-term implications of this game. Darnold’s career is not over. This is not a sign he is on his way to being a bust.

But this was a very poor individual effort. For that reason, Darnold gets my anti-game ball.

Who gets yours?