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Jets vs Patriots Second Half Thread

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The first half of the New York Jets game against the New England Patriots is in the books, and the Patriots lead the Jets 24 - 0.

On offense the Jets couldn’t get anything going against a tough Patriots defense. The Jets turned the ball over multiple times, had all kinds of trouble moving the ball and generally were dominated by the Patriots. The Jets finished the half with just 66 yards of total offense.

On defense the Jets couldn’t stop the Patriots offense from the beginning drive on. The Patriots opened with a relentless 16 play drive for a touchdown. They followed that up with a short field goal off an interception of Sam Darnold, then another touchdown drive for a 17 point lead after the first quarter.

The Patriots opened the second quarter with continued domination, getting a strip sack on Darnold and recovering the ball. They followed up with another touchdown drive and the rout was on, the Patriots destroying the Jets 24 - 0.

This half the Jets were a team out coached, out played and out classed. It was the varsity vs the JV. It was a complete embarrassment in every phase of the game.

We go into the second half with the Jets all but beaten already, trailing by 24 points.