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Sam Darnold’s return and a win have Jets fans feeling much better

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It is time for our weekly look at FanPulse numbers. FanPulse is a survey SB Nation sends to Jets fans (along with fans of other NFL teams) to get opinions on the state of their favorite team and the league as a whole.

It is no surprise, but Jets fans are feeling much better about the team this week. 46% of those surveyed expressed confidence in the team’s direction. This is the first time since Week 1 that number has been higher than 20%. It is also a drastic increase from last week’s low of 5%.

Who knew that the return of a starting quarterback and a win would leave fans in a happier mood?

Here is a not so bold prediction. If the Jets win on Monday against New England, there will be a second straight drastic increase in confidence levels next week. If they lose soundly, the numbers will retreat to previous lows.