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Kelvin Beachum “Week to Week” With Ankle Injury

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There wasn’t much bad news to come from Sunday’s Jets victory over the Cowboys. One of the few negative notes was the team losing left tackle Kelvin Beachum to an ankle injury in the second half. Beachum might not be back soon according to head coach Adam Gase.

(Kelvin) Beachum, ankle sprain, right now he’s going to be week-to-week, we’re just going to kind of see how this week goes.

Brandon Shell replaced Beachum in the lineup after the injury and struggled in limited action.

Gase had this to say about Shell.

I thought Brandon did well. When he first got in there, he hasn’t done a ton on the left. We’ve been kind of preparing like, ‘We’ve got to move these guys around. ‘When you get in a game, you’d rather just make just one move than two. So, I was trying to just make sure he was in a good place because you have to remember, everything’s flipped in his head now. He’s been playing right tackle for so long and now all of a sudden he’s at left. Just all these plays, everything’s opposite for him. I just wanted to make sure that he was comfortable as we got going in the game and I felt like he did a really good job and I could see that he was good. Once we felt like that, we just kind of got back to what we were doing. Going into this week we’ll sit down and talk about it, having the extra day always helps. So, we’re going to be able to really take a hard look at, ‘OK, what’s the best lineup for this week?’ And, ‘What’s our best matchups?’

Like most Jets offensive linemen, Beachum has struggled which has made him a lightning rod for criticism. With that said, he’s the best left tackle the Jets have so they need him in the lineup as soon as possible.