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Jets Helmet Stickers: Week 4

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There’s really not much to say at this point other than the level of play on the field is simply unacceptable. There have hardly been any good performances since week 1 and the end product has been putrid for 3 weeks straight. This may be the most demoralizing period of Jets history (and yes, I was around for the Kotite years.) At least things should get better once the schedule lightens up and Darnold returns to the lineup. Well, in yet another game in a trifecta of misery, we look to crown the few who stood above the rest:

Bronze Star: Trenton Cannon (2 kick returns for 46 yards, 1 FR)

It’s not a good sign when you have a special teams player on your top players list in back to back weeks, but here we are again. Cannon was regularly downfield in coverage, leading to a fumble recovery that set the Jets up for their only offensive points of the game. Those have been tough to come by this year.

Silver Star: Le’Veon Bell (15 rushes for 43 yards, 7 receptions for 45 yards)

It’s an even worse sign when one of your top players is a running back that’s averaging under 3 yards per carry this season and averaged under 3 yards for a second consecutive week against the Eagles. But what do you want me to say, any other back would be averaging a yard or less with the run blocking this year. Bell still looks like a top back to me, he just has absolutely no chance when he’s completely surrounded behind the line of scrimmage on every play. Hopefully something changes and fans will get to see what Bell can do in space.

Gold Star: Jamal Adams (6 tackles, 1 PD)

It wasn’t an elite game for Adams, but he was filling the right holes and was regularly in the right position. He had a very nice pass breakup on 3rd down that stalled a drive a midfield, however, and it was still a pretty good game overall. He will have to play better than this to live up to the Pro Bowl and top-10 pick status he’s achieved in his short NFL career, but it was still a positive performance and that should be recognized as well.

So there you have it, four weeks in and the table stands:

Le’Veon Bell 7 points (1 gold, 2 silver)

Jamal Adams 6 points (2 gold)

C.J. Mosley 3 points (1 gold)

Brian Poole 2 points (1 silver)

Darryl Roberts 2 points (1 silver)

Tarell Basham 1 point (1 bronze)

Jamison Crowder 1 point (1 bronze)

Arthur Maulet 1 point (1 bronze)

Trenton Cannon 1 point (1 bronze)