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After all that the Jets speak with Kliff Kingsbury and Matt Rhule about their coaching opening

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend it sounded like USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury was out of the running for the Jets head coaching job. His current employer reportedly blocked him from interviewing for the position.

Something changed, and Kingsbury did meet with the Jets today.

It isn’t clear whether Kingsbury resigned, or USC had a change of heart (or USC had a change of heart because Kingsbury threatened to resign). He apparently is still in the running for the position.

The Jets have also apparently spoken with Baylor coach Matt Rhule about the position.

The wording there leaves some wiggle room. Did the Jets interview Rhule? I think he’d be a solid candidate, but whether he is interested in this job isn’t clear. He reportedly turned down the Colts and the opportunity to coach Andrew Luck a year ago. Maybe he wanted another year of college under his belt or would find fifteen years with Sam Darnold more attractive than ten with Luck.

In any event, we still don’t know Rhule’s actual interest level.