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Garofalo: The Jets want Mike McCarthy

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Garofalo had the following to say about the Jets’ interview with Mike McCarthy.

As always, stay tuned. At this point, it feels like McCarthy is the favorite, but anybody who follows these searches knows how fragile they can get. I can remember points in time when Tom Gamble was going to be the general manager of the Jets, and Dan Quinn was going to be their head coach.

McCarthy seems like the chalk pick. He is the experienced guy with the solid resume. While he might not be the choice with the highest ceiling, he probably has the highest floor.

I expect a potential McCarthy hire to be popular with one portion of the fanbase and unpopular with another portion. But I also think reactions would be more muted than some of the wild celebrations and/or anger some of the other candidates would evoke.

The Jets have more reported interviews scheduled over the weekend so it could take time for the team to make a hire even if McCarthy is the top choice.