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Jamal Adams was the only Jets non-special teamer to receive a single All Pro vote

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The tweet above was written by Thomas Boswell, a longtime sports columnist at the Washington Post about the Washington Redskins. I think you hear stuff like this from a lot of teams that miss the Playoffs. They want to keep their fanbases engaged so they try to make it sound like they aren’t far away.

This tweet resonated with me because of what the Jets have done in the last week. They fired their coach while keeping their general manager while saying things like this.

Using the Boswell test, the Jets do fare better. Jamal Adams got 26 votes in total. So the Jets do have at least one genuine star.

The bad news is Adams stands alone. Forget about being named First Team All Pro or Second Team All Pro. No offensive player on the Jets received a single vote. And no defensive player other than Adams received a single vote.

The Jets at least did fare better on special teams with Andre Roberts leading the votes as a kicker returner. He also finished third in voting for punt returner. Jason Myers tied for third in votes among kickers, and Kevin Pierre-Louis got a vote for his work on special teams.

Hopefully the Jets are more realistic about their talent level than they are letting on. Getting this roster competitive again is going to be a major undertaking.