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Rumor: Jets have interest in Matt Rhule as a head coaching candidate

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Dan Graziano says a new potential candidate has emerged for the Jets, Baylor head coach Matt Rhule.

Rhule has been getting a lot of NFL buzz recently. So many people have been talking about him that I started thinking it was odd that there was no talk about him being a potential Jets candidate.

It is difficult to say how well Rhule would translate to the NFL, but there are a lot of people who think highly of him. His body of work is also solid. He spent four years as Temple’s head coach, inheriting a 4 win team from Steve Addazio. In his third and fourth years, Rhule won 10 games.

That landed him the Baylor job, a problem that was coming out of a major scandal. His first year was a rough 1-11 campaign, but the Bears improved to 7-6 this year.

In some ways I’ve been underwhelmed by the names we’ve been hearing from this coaching search so I am happy to see the list of candidates expand and for one of them to be a coach of Rhule’s caliber.